Welcome to my blog, that is more than just a homework assignment.

Well, it is still an assignment for JO304, an Online Journalism course at Boston University, where I am a junior studying Journalism and Education– hoping to eventually edit, publish, design, or write children’s literature.


My fascination with story-telling in different and interesting ways is what drew me to journalism. I have a passion for writing, and for elementary education. I hope to combine the skills I develop studying journalism and narrative, with those developed regarding child development and cognition, to produce the most successful Children’s Literature– which is harder than you think. Just look!

Commentary is one of my strongest suits. This blog is designed to be commentary on top of commentary. On this blog, I will follow NPR (National Public Radio) and comment on how they use their brand to report current events.

Every news outlet is different- and NPR hits home for me with their fantastic use of video, audio, images, and spoken interviews embedded within their reporting. NPR is more than just click-able articles. It has added a next level to reporting and to creating discussion, which is something I personally value.

This blog is designed for me to reflect on how NPR’s reporting affects me– and maybe it will open your eyes too! That would be an added bonus for me.