How NPR News Pulls it all Together

While exploring almost every corner, and every in-and-out of NPR’s website, app, and various social media pages, I can confidently draw the conclusion that NPR does their readers a big favor by providing them with every angle, form of storytelling, and type of news, that I can think possible. While I know that, yes, NPR does not cover every single angle there ever was on a particular topic, they do a pretty good job at pulling different views, and telling those stories through different methods.


Sound, Photos, and Video 

🔊  📸  📽

My first observation of NPR News is their dynamic use of platforms. I, for example, am a visual learner, with a relatively short attention span. I like reading quick stories, and stories that get my interest fast. The first corner of NPR that I chose to explore was their radio aspect. NPR, or National Public Radio, of course is known for this. Another aspect I appreciated, I was able to view images, read caption, and listen to intelligent journalists tell a story, all at the same time. This form of alternative storytelling appeals to me, and I’m sure that NPR’s extreme use of sound, photos and videos appeals to others seeking an alternative storytelling method as well.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 1.41.33 PM.png

Division of Sections

When topics aren’t divided up well, or organized in any way, how could a news outlet expect any of their readers to find their articles? Some news sites that I have clicked onto in the past are definitely not the most organized. Therefore, when it is hard for me to navigate a website or app, rather then taking the time to figure it out, I am more likely to just find another source. This is something that NPR has taken into account, and does a really good job at addressing. Sections, subsections, and easily navigated categories are a huge part of what makes NPR a trusted and popular news site. Sections that have been previously highlighted in my posts are just a few ways NPR accomplishes this on both their website, and app.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 1.43.29 PM.png


In my first NewTrack blog post, I discussed that, as part of NPR’s mission statement, they hope to highlight more than one stance when covering a controversial topic. Instead of being a right or left-winged news source, NPR provides an array of articles that swing one way or the other, or sometimes both or neither. This means different opinions are taken into consideration, making NPR a trusted and credible news medium.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 1.46.56 PM.png

Through my NewsTrack assignment, I have gained another trusted news site in my back pocket. And, not only a reliable one, but one that is enjoyable to read or listen to. I will keep up with following NPR to the best of my abilities, since NPR definitely has piqued my interest.



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