How Breaking News Breaks on NPR

NPR is a trusted online medium for news, including breaking news. NPR choses to break down their stories, both print and audio, into categories. NPR titles their breaking news section, “The Two-Way”.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 2.15.29 PM.png

Upon entering The Two-Way, you are given to option to browse national, or international breaking news. However, the most recent stories are featured at the very top of the page– national or international.

Another option a reader is given once clicking into The Two-Way is to browse by date. This option is unique, as NPR readers are given the opportunity to read breaking news stories as they were told when they first broke, and have an easy and organized way to access those stories.

Additionally, on the NPR app, you can select the option to “allow notifications”, in which NPR will send updates to your phone, many of those being breaking news stories.

What is unique about NPR and their breaking news section, is that while all the stories on The Two-Way can be considered news stories, many of them are lifestyle articles.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 2.21.29 PM.png

This is refreshing for a reader to have the ability to read breaking news regarding common lifestyle phenomena, in addition to what is going on in the world.



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