NPR has a mission that revolutionizes news

National Public Radio, more commonly known as NPR, has found a way to offer it’s customers a way to acquire news- through listening and viewing unique stories, opinions and reports on current events.


Written in 1970, NPR’s original mission statement opens with their goal to “serve the individual [and] promote personal growth”.

NPR’s current website now describes their mission as an outlet creating, “a more informed public– one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures”. Their goal being to produce and distribute programming to their members that will provide them with content that is both journalistic, represents more than one side to differing opinions, and also covers topics in which their members have “mutual interest”. NPR strives to create material that can be “the model for high quality journalism in the 21st century, strengthening the cultural, civic and social fabric of our democracy”.

In addition to NPR’s mission, they also include a strategic vision that includes a strategic plan. In this detailed plan, NPR describes their model for journalism as it can relate to the 21st century. NPR has decided to tailor their storytelling to ways that 21st century members will best connect to– they aspire to “to create a space where audiences congregate, connect and contribute to a shared understanding
of the wider world”.


Concisely put, NPR has written that they “strive to feed the mind and satisfy the soul”. Since it’s beginnings, NPR wants to offer their viewers, readers, and listeners a place where multiple views of news are covered, and a place where they feel represented, and free to open up discussions.


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